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Checklist for Promoting Shared Responsibility and Collaboration

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Policies and practices are values that encourage partnerships and collaboration between families and both policy makers and practitioners, especially those that involve full disclosure of all pertinent information to families that permits them to make informed decisions. Policies and practices are also valued when they encourage families to be "treated as equals” in all aspects of needs identification and resource mobilization.


  • Does the policy or practice presume that the family and individual family members are competent, as well as have the capacity to become more competentin mastering a broad range of functions and tasks for meeting needs and mobilizing resources?
  • Does the policy or practice encourage professionals to assume a variety of nontraditional roles and functions that enhance increased collaboration between families and professionals?
  • Does the policy or practice promote the use of partnerships between families and professionals as the primary context for identifying needs, mobilizing resources and strengthening family functioning?
  • Does the policy or practice encourage give-and-take (reciprocity) between families and professionals with regard to the exchange of information, skills, ideas, etc. for meeting needs and mobilizing resources.
  • Does the policy or practice promote the mutual trust, honesty, respect and open communication between family and professionals as part of collaborative endeavors?



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