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Early Intervention Specialist: I remember three years ago, when we were trying to tell Karin that Charlie needed a feeding tube, she told us she was not ready emotionally for Charlie to have one. We thought she should just listen to us, since we had seen a lot of kids come through our program that were very similar to Charlie. Dan was there the day we told her about the feeding tube. She left the room crying and left the building without Dan. We did not see the impact that this could have on the whole family.

Now it's time to write an IFSP for Michael and do a preschool transition plan for Charlie, if Karin is really serious. I don't know where to start, since I'm involved with the swimming teacher, the home visitor, the band of friends from Karin's church, pediatric nurses, the third case manager this year, social services, and the most recent addition, a full-time home health aide. I know the IFSP procedures, but I don't know how to tell Karin and Dan that there is no way Charlie is going to get anything out of being in a regular class of three-year-olds. He now has a gavage feeding tube, two apnea monitors, and other appliances including standing chair, floor chair, scooter, and feeding table. The teacher will just assign an aide to Charlie, and they'll sit there on the sidelines, and that is all that will happen. We have experience with lots of kids like Charlie and Michael, and we'd be able to handle them best right here in this program. It's also better to have the same people taking the same approach to both boys. The family's IFSP goals would be more understandable to the family, too, if they just accepted the situation and kept the boys here.

Karin: I am excited about Charlie's IFSP meeting because the group of professionals know that I think he will benefit from finally being with kids his own age who are doing typical three-year-old things and who can be friends and language models for him. The physical therapist and OT and speech person have been so great about giving him what he needs this year. I hope they still think he needs to be in an inclusive preschool and have new experiences. I am counting on the fact that Michael's program professionals and staff will be easier to deal with, so that when it's his turn to go to preschool, and even beyond, there will be less resistance to inclusion and mainstreaming.


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