Family Action Planning

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Step 1 Start the habit of having routine family meetings to talk (not lecture) about issues and think together as a family about real life goals

Step 2 Talk in a conversational style, the way you talk when you are telling about your best friend; give compliments; smile, share ideas

Step 3 Brainstorm about positive solutions to situations that bother members of the family; think of brainstorming as three-way conferencing, although there may be more than three people there

    Step 4 Use a family meeting notebook to write down all brainstorming ideas: write them in two
    columns- first strengths, the negative behaviors that impact on the family and need to change

Step 5 Set the tone for action planning by saying that adults (parents) are in charge, but everyone can help suggest family rules that are important to everybody

Step 6 Talk about each person's temperament, and how it determines a person's talents, strengths and behavior

Step 7 Make lists of personal favorites, rewards and privileges that each person can work for; make a list of problems each person will have if the plan is not followed

Step 8 Give encouragement whenever a person “catches” another person doing or saying the right thing, not just when they are not complying with the plan; catch someone being good!

Step 9 Remember - Family meetings take place anywhere-in cars, at the store, at the kitchen table, in school or at home; go over the plan and change it, if needed


Ask Dr. Susan