Setting Real Life Goals For Your Family

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Susan H. Turben, Ph.D. Presenter

Educational advocacy for full inclusion in today's school environments is a family/child right and a professional/community responsibility, which far too few communities and parents want or accept. Think of environments as places where the maximum learning takes place. 

Four Skills Families Need to Know to Achieve Inclusion in Schools


Skill #1   Cooperative family advocacy

Employing technology, teaching helpfulness, discovering universes and environments, reflecting family belief systems, understanding effects of personality, engaging community in cooperative ventures


Skill # 2  Conversational (chat room style) child and adult guidance

Instructing by means of adaptation and accommodation, brainstorming, situational problem solving, understanding the "no one right way" behavior


Skill #3  Collaborative home-school action planning

Mutual engagement, shared expertise, complimentary style, adult accommodation, child encouragement, behavioral support, talent development, goal setting


Skill #4  “ADULT CHANGING” Behaviors

Asking for help, catching good behavior, preparing encouragements, partnering, skilled assisting, learning differences and accepting differences.



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