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Multisensory Integrated Activities

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Arrange space, objects, events

Pairs and small groups: integrating objects

Voluntary participation; children choose

Cooperative paly: an integrated time schedule

Integrate: Curriculum

·      Measurement, correspondence, numberness

·      Social kindness, cooperation, helpfulness

·      Creating aesthetics (science, art, music, theatre, dance)

·      Physics, gravity, gears

·      Writing and reading, good literature

·      Talking and thinking, pretending

How Children Think (as opposed to Adults)


Multi-sensory exploration


·      See

·      Hear

·      Touch

·      Move

·      Talk

·      Listen


No one-way that is the only way


Simultaneous, as in several thoughts at once


Concrete and literal

“What you see is what you believe (get).”


Reinvention is the “key”


·      Repetition

·      Over and over, something new

·      Familiarity

·      Unambiguous

·      High reality

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