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Visual Motor Learning - Memory

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PurposeTo develop visual recall.


Apparatus:  A standard deck of cards, an "Old Maid" deck or the commercial game "Memory", at least two players.



  1. Start with 6 unmatched pairs from the deck of cards.  Shuffle well and arrange face down in 3 rows of 4 cards each.


  1. The first player turns up any two cards.  If the cards match, he removes them and turns up another two cards.


  1. If the cards do not match, he turns them face down after all other players have seen them.


  1. A player continues to turn cards as long as he makes a match.  The play moves to the next player when the exposed pair does not match.


  1. The player collecting the most matched pairs is the winner.


  1. As performance improves, increase the number of cards used until eventually the whole deck is in use.




Aspects to be Emphasized:


  1. Ability to recall accurately the position of previously turned cards.


  1. When cards are turned up, do not identify them verbally as we wish to emphasize the visual memory.
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