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Visual Motor Learning - Rotations: Kinesthetic - Visual

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Purpose:  To develop the feeling in arm movement of leading the eye movement


Apparatus:  Balance board, small target – like a pencil eraser.




  • Have child stand on a balance board with feet spread and with good posture.


  • Move target in slow circles from a few inches in diameter to about 3 feet in diameter at just beyond arm's length from child.  Make circles at all angles:  flat in front of child, toward and away from him.  Direct child to watch the target and follow the rotational movement.


  • Have child point his finger at the target with his arm, rather than following it.  Be sure to use each hand.  Switch from time to time.  Hold arms straight out.
  • Watch the eye for jerky movements, hesitancy, and cutting corners on the circle.  Watch finger for accuracy of pointing at the target.
  • If the rotation is irregular in one particular area, go back and forth over the area without doing a complete rotation.  Spend equal time doing rotations to the right and the left with each eye. 
  • Repeat this activity at various distances from the child.


Aspects to be Emphasized:


  • The development of the feeling that the arm is "leading” the eye.  This must be stressed to the child during the activity.
  • Smooth eye movements and accurate finger pointing.
  • Good balance on the balance board.
  • Awareness of rest of the room and stability of the visual background.
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