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Visual Motor Learning - Ball on Back

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Purpose:  To develop smooth ocular pursuit ability under minimal postural demands.


Apparatus:  Ball on string from ceiling



1.  Have child lie on the floor face upward.


  1. Suspend a ball on a string about 2 feet above the child's face and slowly rotate the ball while he follows it with his eyes.


  1. Start with small circles and gradually increase the size of the circle.


  1. Alternate clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations.


  1. Child should not move his head.


  1. If possible, change distance of ball from eyes by slowly raising and lowering the ball while it swings.


  1. Have child point at the ball and feel that his arm is leading the ball.




Aspects to be emphasized:


  1. Smooth following of the ball with eyes.


  1. Recognized the feeling in the arm of leading the ball, even though not in contact with it.
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