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Auditory/Visual Early Infant Development

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  1. Localization of sound is not necessarily related to object awareness.  Stress handling and moving toward targets (sound, tactile, etc).
  2. Motion is a functional discovery which helps babies organize, pursue, and investigate.
  3. Infants are adaptable and “adaptability” is related to tactile communication.  Skin hunger is just as strong as food hunger.  Hold then feed.  Stroking, frequent change of position, altering direction, changes of light, air, and temperature help children “adapt”.
  4. Infants develop avoidance responses, which can be nullified.  Eye rubbing, finger pulling back from objects are examples of traits that can be modified by slow approach and simultaneous talking by another person.
  5. Awareness of objects as separate and distinct is related to “usefulness”.  Use objects which have moving parts and textures that vary within the confines of one toy; i.e. holes in egg carton, loops in belt, snaps, zippers, hair dryers, and wind-up toys.
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