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Visual Training Project - Child in Mirror

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Purpose: To develop awareness of process and understanding of he right-left aspects of laterality.

Apparatus: Full length mirror


  1. Child is to stand in front of the mirror.
  2. Child is instructed to make believe that his own reflection in the mirror is a robot or a mechanical man facing him, and under his control.
  3. Child is to the "robot" what to do. For example, "raise your right hand, tap your left foot, touch your left ear with your right hand, etc."
  4. Child must be able to reverse in his own mind his orders to the robot to make the robot's actions match the commands.
  5. When the child can accomplish the readily, home assistant is to order the "robot" to perform actions. In this way, the child must be able to reverse in his mind orders to the robot initiated by a third party.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

  1. Able to control robot adequately when under his own control.
  2. Able to control robot adequately when he must listen to a third party's orders.


In 1989, Dr. Turben received funding that enabled the Cleveland Sight Center to initiate the first large-scale, family-centered Children's Services Program in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Turben worked for Lake County Early Intervention Collaborative Group in 1988-89 as the consultant who prepared the County Needs Assessment and assisted the collaborative in the preparation of the 1988-89 Lake County Early Intervention Collaborative Plan, which launched family collaboratives as a network of families with children who had disabilities.
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