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Visually Impaired Child - Transition from Bottle to Food

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Dear Dr. Susan: How do I transition my visually impaired newborn from the bottle to real food?  


Dear Marcia:

For the visually impaired child to start eating food you need to get him ready by bringing out the bowl and the spoon for the baby to feel with his hands and get used to them.

Here are some ideas engaging baby to learn about eating :

  1. If your child has some vision make sure there is a clear contrast in the color of the food and the color of the bowl. Encourage baby to look at the food.
  2. While you try to feed the baby with your own spoon, give the baby a spoon and some food to play and scoop food in.
  3. Transitoin from bottle to sippy cup with lid or spout. Using a hand over hand technique lift cup to babies lips and tip the cup. All while both your hands and the childs hands are on the cup.
  4. Signal your child when the spoon is coming to their mouth. They may not be able to see the spoon coming.
  5. They have bowls with suction cups so that they don't spill. This would be a great idea when introducing them to finger foods.
  6. On high chair tray also make a contrast from the color of the tray to the food so baby can see. They will start using fingers to grasp little bites of food.
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