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Jeff Moyer - Activitist

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Jeff Moyer
Blind Activist, writer, songwriter and singer

Jeff Moyer is a Disability Rights advocate, songwriter, author and National Public Radio commentator, living in Cleveland, Ohio.  Moyer’s work has included thirty years on the forefront of creative thinking and social change concerning the wholeness of all people.  He has presented and performed in forty-six states as well as internationally and his books and CDs are at work in homes, schools and communities worldwide.  Moyer’s work can be reviewed at

Jeff Moyer was born in 1949 in Cleveland, Ohio and began to lose his vision at age five due to a rare progressive retinal condition. That same year, Jeff's brother Mark was born with a severe cognitive disability. The impact of Jeff's progressive blindness and his brother's life circumstances gave Jeff a powerful understanding about the need for social change to improve the opportunities for, and inclusion of, people with disabilities. Jeff received a Master’s in Rehabilitation Administration from University of San Francisco and in 1992 began work full time as a consultant, author, songwriter, publisher, and motivational speaker. Jeff has presented at numerous conferences and has spoken and sung in forty-seven states and internationally. He’s been featured on The CBS Evening News, 20/20, the BBC and as a commentator on NPR. Jeff has two adult children and has been successful in moving his brother, Mark, back into the community with supported living services. Jeff's original music and books are available at

Jeff Moyer has served as a National Public Radio Morning Edition commentator (click here to access the segments), has been featured on The CBS Evening News and 20/20, in National Geographic, and in a BBC documentary on the U. S. Disability Rights Movement. Jeff has twice been invited to the White House and has presented his unique blend of engaging original music, eloquent public speaking and humor to audiences in 47 states and internationally. Moyer is sought as a corporate motivational speaker, and keynote presenter for national and international conferences.

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