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Cleveland Sight Center Children and Youth Services Preschool Curriculum

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From the teacher: 

Send home D’Nealian alphabet to model printing style of kindergarten.

Alphabet displayed in all grade levels.

Handwriting emphasized presentation/neatness.

Send home kindergarten readiness list.

Screen infants / toddlers before entering Preschool.

Probationary period of 30 school days for children in question.  Meeting with teachers, parents, and administration.

End of year visitation to next grade level

“Reading Buddies” Give EC/K weekly newsletter

Children’s Book of Virtues

Field trips and special programs:

September – Patterson Fruit Farm

October – Painesville Fire Department

November – Thanksgiving Feast with EC children

December – Holiday Boutique, Holiday Program, Tree Farm

April - Grandparents Day

May - Lake Farmpark, Mother Goose- Parents Day

June - Class Picnic


October – Halloween

December – Christmas

February - Valentine’s Day

From the teacher – Music:

The Orchestra

Explore variety of instruments

Creative movement – marching

Books – instruments

Musical Life of Gustiv Mule


The body - head, shoulders, knees, and toes

Music - Wiggle in My Toe

Books - Giant Body Book

Draw Self

Medical play – stethoscope, etc.


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Time Permitting:

International Unit - Mexico, France, interests of children

Musical Instruments - musicians, parade

Artist - artists, media, medium

The Ocean - salty water, fish, whales, etc.  Rainbow fish, starfish, octopus, shells

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