Let Baby Explore

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Daily care situations can be used not only for the caregiver to provide sensory stimulation and experiences, but to allow the baby to provide such experiences for himself. Ask the trainees if they can think up some such situations. They will probably suggest putting babies on a rug surrounded by a variety of toys interesting to look at, to feel, or to taste. Do they note that the caregiver can assist they very young infant by such a simple routine, for example, as a frequent change during the day in the infant’s position? A baby needs some time on a shoulder or a lap or some time propped in seated position in his crib or in an infant-seat. If a tiny baby has some time on his stomach, either in crib, in playpen, or on a floor pad, he gets to see a different sample of his visible world and to practice exploring these wider horizons with his eyes. He also gets a chance to practice lifting his head, and later, lifting his chest while supporting himself with his arms. Provide a cradle-gym with hand pulls hanging over the crib where a baby’s had can grasp them. Let the trainees explain how the cradle-gym gives an infant the opportunity to feel his own muscles straining as he grasps and pulls down on the cradle-gym toys. He can also stroke different textures or scratch at smooth – and rough-surfaced toys which have been attached to a cradle-gym with strings or elastic bands

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