Feeding Several Senses Together

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Combine some sense experiences, such as hearing and seeing, or looking and touching. Help the trainees discover that most of the time we get input into more than one sense system at a time. Adults enjoy the sight of s sizzling steak as well as the taste!

To provide the trainees with touching-and-seeing experiences, have them make finger-paint patterns on glossy paper or paint with a solution of Ivory Soap Flakes and vegetable colors on a large oilcloth. Turn on a record, Chopin waltzes, for example, so that the trainees become aware of how the auditory input changes the mood and motions of their creations. For infants, these experiences may be even more intensive than for the trainees. Infants dressed only in diapers and exposed to finger-paints and a large glossy paper tacked to a nursery floor may use elbows, behinds, and arms, as well as fingers to produce a group “abstract” masterpiece!

Blowing bubbles is another multi-sensory activity. The wet feel of a bubble bursting on the palm, and the sight of rainbow colors as a bubble drifts glistening in the air provide special looking and feeling delights simple for a caregiver to provide for infants. Can your trainees think of other ways they could use the bubble-blowing activity in infant enrichment? 

Ask Dr. Susan