Good Manners Can Lead to Good Self-Esteem

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Teaching children good manners is essential to building self-esteem.

Here are some ideas you can use:

Being kind to others.  Show with example.

Have your children write thank you notes after every birthday and holiday.  Write your child a thank you note and see how they react to it. It’s a warm feeling to be recognized by someone, no matter how small the gift.

Things that come from the heart mean so much. When you make a batch of cookies, send some home with your kids friends or anyone who walks through your door. Always use the word please when asking your child to do something and thanking them when they are done. If your children see you doing these things, it becomes second nature to them. Use positive reinforcements by praising your child when they do say please and thank you. 

Respecting adults by using Mrs. and Mr. in front of their names, unless asked to be called by first names. Eye contact is an important thing for children to be taught as well as a firm handshake. 

Expose your child to empathy.  When someone your child knows is picked on, raise your child’s awareness on what it feels like to be laughed at or pointed at.  How would they feel if it were them.

Remind your children they need to have good listening skills.  They need to wait until the person speaking is done before speaking. This is one skill that can help you your whole life long.

A healthy self-esteem will help your children be more successful as adults. To encourage self-esteem in youngsters you should appreciate your child. Thank your children when they have done what you asked. Treat your children with respect.  They want to be treated like an intelligent human being. They want to feel valued. Give them jobs to do and compliment them on a job well done. 

Make sure your children feel loved.  Unconditional love is a gift that never ends…

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