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Friend of the Family Radio Show

Friend of the Family Radio Show

Raising Children to be Money Smart with Caprice Bragg

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Raising Children to be Money Smart![Listen to the audio]


Join Dr. Susan Turben as she talks about ONE of the most sensitive issues in family life - MONEY!

Do you share information about how you earn, spend and save money with your children? Are you "one of those" parents who give their child an allowance? If you and your child do not discuss money, how will they ever learn about it? Learning about money is as realistic as learning to brush your teeth or learning to read. Every child deserves to learn how family members support them! Listen to lively conversation with Susan and her guest, Caprice Bragg, Vice President of Donor Relations with The Cleveland Foundation. Can your child get involved by doing volunteer work from home? Find out how he or she can be part of the community and learn responsibility. Susan's guest offers strong opinions and gives books and references to help achieve this spirit of community.

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