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Friend of the Family Radio Show

Sticks and Stones Can Break Your Bones But Bullying Always Hurts You - Butch Losey

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9/24/07 - “Sticks and stones can break your bones but BULLYING always hurts you." - Special Encore Presentation! [Listen to Audio]
This week a sensitive topic is under the "Friend of the Family" microscope...a school, home and community problem that has dramatically escalated each year-Bullying! Join Dr. Susan Turben for a frank and, yes,disturbing,conversation with two licensed public school specialists, Susan Smith and Butch Losey. They will give examples, potential situations and solutions to the dangerous and hurtful practice of bullying! Listen to what you as a member of the community can do when you witness bullying on the street, in the supermarket, even in churches or synagogues. Guests share prevention-intervention techniques and discuss with Susan various causes of this dangerous, but increasingly common part of our culture. Did you know that anger management and conflict resolution techniques are not the same as bullying? Have you been a perpetrator or a victim? Are you a witness to parental bullying of kids, or street gangs and peer abuse? Join Susan Turben and her guests at 1 pm Monday April 30th.
Butch Losey

A professor in the counseling programs of both Xavier University and Lindsey Wilson College teaching graduate students who are working towards a masters degree in counseling and eventual licensure as a counselor.

Extensive experience working with bullying prevention and have provided consultation to over 40 schools in Ohio and Kentucky for implementing the Olweus Bullying Prevention program.

He has written a book on bullying, suicide and homicide for Routledge and it should be out in the next few months. For more information on the book, go to the bullying section on my site.

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