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Friend of the Family Radio Show

Breaking Language - Jeff Moyer

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1/14/08 - Breaking Language (and Other) Barriers! [Listen to Audio]
Although we may not be conscious of it, we all use augmentative communication techniques on a daily basis, such as facial expressions, gestures, writing, and increasingly, sending test messages and pictures on mobile phones. Susan Turben and co-host, Jeff Moyer, author, singer, song-writer are joined by special guest, Susan Armbrecht, an outgoing and busy person who maintains an active lifestyle through assisted technology. Find out how! People with severe speech or language problems rely on standard techniques as well as special augmentative techniques that have been specifically developed for them such as specialized gestures, sign language, or Morse code. Many people who rely on these techniques are living productive and fulfilling lives. This program is sure to be a fun-filled hour! Don’t miss it.
Jeff Moyer is a 21st century renaissance man who works as songwriter, author, producer, public speaker, historian and advocate for human rights. His products and services represent over 35 years of work on the forefront of social change. He has created a range of music and interactive products that entertain, educate and inspire, and innovative productions on general and disability history. In the Products section, read reviews and descriptions of Jeff’s varied offerings. At the web store, listen to samples of tracks from Jeff’s nine albums. You can purchase songs for $0.99 and albums for $5.95 as mp3 downloads that span music supporting inclusive schools and communities, hospice, general folk music, and innovative historical sound stories. Please leave a note in the Guestbook and read what others have written about the creative efforts of Jeff Moyer.    

Jeff Moyer has served as a National Public Radio Morning Edition commentator (click here to access the segments), has been featured on The CBS Evening News and 20/20, in National Geographic, and in a BBC documentary on the U. S. Disability Rights Movement. Jeff has twice been invited to the White House and has presented his unique blend of engaging original music, eloquent public speaking and humor to audiences in 47 states and internationally. Moyer is sought as a corporate motivational speaker, and keynote presenter for national and international conferences. The Highlights section provides a snapshot of public speaking history and a bibliography of Jeff’s diverse publications. Jeff Moyer’s products span a broad array of themes, styles, and genres. They are at work in settings from nursery schools through graduate schools, in homes and communities worldwide, and in numerous hospices and museums.
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