Teach Your Children Well

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To all of you who have chosen this educational video program...

Most of us want to succeed in bringing up children to be good people - children of good character who will be able to make moral and ethical decision, who are tolerant and kind toward others. We want to raise children who will make good citizens and competent adults.

But how? As parents we try our best, but deep down we know we need practical advice about how to teach our children well. This video is the answer.

Let us, parents and professional teachers, be your "personal coaches", ready to give you knowledge gained through our collective experiences working with families.

Parents need "tested" ideas about handling daily situations, school and academic concerns, developmental and nutritional advice, and valuable child development information.

So teach your child well! It's your responsibility, and it's an adventure.


Dr. Susan Turben

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Teach Your Children Well

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