Coordination - Can Creep

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With eyes fixed on a target, teach the pupil to crawl in homolateral fashion. 

Then progress to cross-pattern crawling.


1.  Begin creeping by having pupil lie on the floor, place his hands under his chest.  Then, by moving elbows and hips, have him creep forward with stomach touching the floor.


2.  Use music of “Creepy, Crawly Caterpillar” and have the child creep forward and backward.


3.  Show child how to move in a homolateral pattern, moving arm and leg on one side together.  Set a goal for the child to crawl to (book or chair or mark) then crawl backward to starting point.


4.  Teach cross-diagonal crawling, moving opposite arm and leg together.  Crawl to target, crawl backward, and crawl to music in rhythm


5.  Play games and have races having children go “fast like a horse”, or “slow as a turtle”.  Use a small child for a rider.


6.  Play games crawling over things (i.e. a pillow)or under chairs, tables, through cardboard boxes or tunnels.


7.  Time children when crawling or hide things and have them crawl around to find them.


8.  Play “May I” with children crawling.  Mark the floor and say, “Crawl 2 lines forward” or “crawl 3 lines backward”.  If child fails to say “May I” he returns to the starting line.


9.  Extend activities to team games or relays:  potato on the grass with his nose, or spoon race holding a spoon in mouth with a small jackball in the tablespoon.  Have relays through obstacle course.

Ask Dr. Susan