Artistic Play

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Create your pillow

Cut up 2 squares and let the students design a drawing.  Use markers (permanent).  Let teacher sew up 3 sides and return the pillows.  Students then stuff the pillows.  Teacher or students sew up the final side.


Water Color/Snow Picture

Have children create their own winter picture.  While picture is still wet, let children sprinkle some salt on the picture.  The results are snow.

My Body

The chidlren cut out the major shapes of the human body in ovals and circles.  Each part is connected together with flue on large sheet of paper.  The head remains empty and the children cut out a picture of a famous person and glue that face on their empty heads.  Follow up with discussion on why the child picked that particular person.


Awsome Work!

Have a bulletin board decorated and labeled: Awsome Work!  The child may pick the work that they want to display on the board.  As new papers are displayed, the old papers may be kept in a folder, so that the children can look back through the work and see what work they are proud of and how they have improved.


Colored paper match

Construction paper (red, yellow, blue & green).  Different colored objects (box).  Have the 4 sheets of paper on the floor with the box in the middle.  The child must remove the colored objects and place them on the same color paper.


Colorful experiences

Make color collages with your sequins, colored telephone wire pieces, glitter, construction paper and buttons.

Art room center-paint, clay

There will be a part of the room set aside to art.  There will be clay, paint, crayons, chalk, etc.  The children will be able to use whatever they want to sue as materials and combine them if they want.  The artwork will be displayed or can be put in a portfolio.



Mirror Painting

The children stand in front of a mirror.  The children using a brush and tempera paint, paint their mirror image.  Encourage them to sue glasses or freckles, mustaches, and other features of their choice.  Tempera paint washes off easily.

Making playdough

3/4 cup flour

1/2 cup salt

1 1/2 tsp. Alum

1 1/2 tsp. Vegeteable oil

1/2 cup boiling water

food coloring (optional)


After, the children can create an item of their choice.  For example, an animal or the children can use alphabet cut-outs to make letters.

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