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Painting of any kind.  The best would be to do a series of self-portraits.  Have the child draw/or paint a picture of themselves, one each week.


Big blocks - ask the child to build something from their imagination.  Ask the child to use as many blocks as possible.


Puzzles with multi colors and shapes.  Either create their own puzzle out of their own concoction or create a picture that fits all edges together.


Pair the children off in two’s and give them a variety of art materials - colored construction paper cut in pieces, lace, yarn, sand paper pieces, crayons, pencils, markers, and glue.  Include two large white pieces of paper and ask the children to work together and create two scenes, one from outside and one from the playground.


Work in the sand table - give a variety of materials for the child to use - only two children at a time.  Materials can include:

_    buckets

_    shovels

_    cups

_    caps

_    thimbles (all different sizes)

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