Milestones of Development 3 Years 6 Months

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Area of Development Skill Level  
Eyes Eye blinking & poor visual coordination part of growth changes  
Hands Hand tremors of many indicate temporary lack of coordination  
Hands Use thin, uncertain lines in their drawings  
Hands Can cut with scissors  
Hands/Eyes Can trace a diamond on a large piece of paper  
Body Movements Stumbling, falling due to lack of coordination of flexor & extensor muscles  
Body Movements Can jump rather high  
Body Movements Like to try catch-and-throw ball games  
Body Movements Can ride tricycle without bumping into things  
Body Movements May seek support of a holding hand ascending and descending stairs  
Body Movements Can tiptoe for a distance of 10 feet  
Body Movements Can balance on a walking board  
Body Movements Can hop 1-3 steps on preferred feet; hop in place on both feet  
Locomotion Run smoothly  
Talking/Communicatio Stuttering  
Talking/Communicatio Whining  
Dressing Able to put shoes on correct foot  
Feeding/Eating Able to use fork and spoon  
Toileting Can go to toilet unassisted  
Visual Develop perfect size percepti  
Visual Begin to match pictures in simple games  
Visual Can point correctly to 6 common geometric shapes  
Visual/Auditory Memory improves  
Attachment Insecurity and fear  
Attachment Temporary attachment to one playmate, often of opposite sex  
Emotional Becomes very demanding  
Emotional Bad dreams  
Emotional Use words to get other children to play with them  
Emotional Use words to exclude other children  
Emotional Beginning to grasp concept of sharing  
Emotional Demonstrate affection for other children & adults  
Emotional Learning to cope with anger and fear, phobias, nightmares, thumbsucking  
Emotional Sibling rivalry appears and needs parental intervention  
Emotional Are developing self-restraint and self-control  
Emotional Sexually shows-off about organs which distinguish boys from girls  
Emotional Capable of cooperative play  
Emotional Difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality  
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