Milestones of Development 7 Months

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This is what you as a parent can do to make your child smarter.

Area of Development Skill Level Play Activity
Hands Begins to hold spoon Introduce baby to plastic spoon; show how
Hands Clutches cloth ball Give baby clutch toys
Hands Handles 2 objects at once Offer toys and place in both hands
Hands Picks up small toy in either hand Offer cheerios size objects
Hands Picks up small toy in either hand Put 3 toys in a box
Hands Plucks pellet with thumb and first finger Use bottle and small objects
Hands Pounds, bangs with hands Offer tambourine, jingle bells
Hands Rakes and claws with finger apart Give macaroni, rice, cornmeal in pan
Hands Shakes objects, uses whole arm motion Give rattles, water toys
Hands Slaps at table top Give mirror, put baby at table
Hands Transfers objects hand to hand Watch baby transfer objects from boxes
Hands Transfers objects with one hand Play hide and seek with toys
Hands Uses 3rd finger motion to palm Give baby floating toys in water
Hands Uses radial palmar grasp Offer toys at midline
Hands Uses raking motion to grasp Give cracker or muffin crumbs on highchair
Hands Uses scratching motion with fingers Give baby textured material
Hangs Uses whole hand grasp Give cylindrical shaped toys to hold
Locomotion Scoots around 360 degrees in sitting position, knees flexed Hold baby and go round and round
Locomotion Scoots around 360 degrees in sitting position, knees flexed  Use pie tin to sit in
Locomotion Uses quad position for creeping Place on stomach and encourage creeping
Posture Sits unsupported 1 minute Play “Put Your Finger in the Air”
Sitting Sits unsupported 1 minute on hard surface Support baby at shoulders, rock
Receptive Attends to greetings and familiar phrases, including own name Call name in different tones of voice
Receptive Attend to greetings and other familiar phrases Repeat phrases having to do with routines
Receptive Listens to own private vocalizations Play audio tapes
Speech Copies inaccurately different tone patterns in speech Talk in sing-song way
Speech Enjoys imitating sound sequences Make speech patterns a game so baby will
Speech Initiates “pat-a-cake” Imitate baby
Speech Listens to own vocalizations Tape baby and play back
Speech Says “ma-ma”, “da-da”; says vowel sounds in a series Incorporate sounds like ma-ma, da-da
Speech Says “ma-ma”, “da-da” Say what baby says
Speech Says vowel sounds in a series (ah-ah-ah) Imitate series
Speech Uses full range of sounds and tones Converse with baby often using normal speech
Speech Uses tonal characteristics of adult speech Play audio tapes and records
Speech Vocalizes m’s, ph’s, th’s Blow bubbles
Speech Vocalizes m’s, ph’s, th’s Vocalize to baby’s face in mirror with baby
Speech Waves bye-bye Use exaggerated wave when leaving; have baby wave
Speech Attends to distant sounds Make sounds loud and soft, fast and slow
Speech Fingers toys in 3rd dimension; repeats actions Give toys in shape box; cylinder toys
Speech Holds 2 cubes, looks from one to another Offer 2 toys at once
Auditory Licks and sucks on toys Give different textured toys to orally ?
Tactile Manipulates objects in hand to explore visually Offer 2 toys at once
Tactile Begins to visualize spacial relations; looks up, down Show baby top and bottom of colorful toys
Tactile Drops toys and watches them fall Dangle toys on strings from chairs
Tactile Imitates facial expressions Make faces in mirror play
Visual Imitates facial expressions Use doll or clown with flip face expressions
Visual Looks for mother/father Call from other room; get baby to look for you
Visual Reaches out for toys Give baby choices; soft, hard
Visual Shifts planes of regard more easily – horizontal to vertical Call to baby when you walk into room
Visual Shifts planes of regard more easily – horizontal to vertical Walk baby to wall, touch, look up
Visual Stares at image in mirror Do mirror play with baby
Visual Chooses toy from variety of objects Give variety of toys; change sets
Visual Looks to mother/father for attention Play games, read books a few minutes every day
Visual Pats image in mirror Play “Pat-a-cake”; pat animals, dolls
Social Plays with single toy; drops Give time to play
Social Plays with single toy; hand to hand Offer only one toy at midline
Social Talks to self in mirror in crib Put mirror in crib; tapes
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