Manipulatives for Construction, Design, Lines, Contours

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  1.  Parguetry Design Blocks - Milton Bradley #8439 - To teach color r recognition, counting, design making shapes.  Good for visual discrimination.  Kdg., primary grades and Special Education.  
  2. Cubical Counting Blocks - Milton Bradley - One inch squares for counting, teaching concepts of over, under, in front, in back, beside, etc. Many classroom uses.  Kdg., primary and Special Education.  
    Labyrinth - Skill game for teaching coordination of eye and hand.  For concentration, lengthening the attention span.  Best for older children - 8 years to high school.  One or two children may play.  (Smaller one less expensive at toy stores)
  3. Play Tiles - Building pictures with Pegboard tiles.  Excellent for eye-hand coordination, learning  shapes and forms, counting, visual perception.  May be used to copy from included pictures or child may create own picture.  Primary or older children.
  4. Lego Blocks - Building from design or creatively.
  5. Pegboards - Milton Bradley - Used for the visual motor training, copying designs, number concepts, counting, colors.
  6. Beads and Laces - Milton Bradley #470 - Used for eye-hand coordination, small muscle development, copy patterns, and number concepts.
  7. Flannel Board Cut-Outs - Milton Bradley #7803 - Used for number concepts, to develop language and stories, eye-hand coordination.
    Color Recognition Kit. - Milton Bradley - Felt pieces in basic geometric shapes.  Teach colors, shapes, eye-hand coordination. Kdg., primary and Special Education. 
  8. Magnetic Alphabet Board - Milton Bradley
  9. Jig-Saw Puzzles - Come in many sizes and numbers of pieces.  Excellent for eye-hand coordination,  concentration, lengthening attention span and recognizing shapes.
  10. Molding Clay - Fine for small muscle development, teaching letters, language development when sharing a completed object.  Helps hyperactive child to listen as attention can be focused better.
  11. Erector Sets, Lincoln Logs or Small Building Sets of Wood, Tinker Toys.  Excellent for eye-hand coordination, development of fine muscles, keeps child’s attention focused for long periods of time.
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