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Activity Based Curriculum - Intrinsic Motivation

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The Gerbil

The teacher planned a special science lesson for her preschoolers. She announced that she brought something special from the pet shop for the class and asked the children to come to the circle area to see the surprise. There were squeals of delight as she brought a gerbil to the center of the circle. “Does it have a name?” asked a boy. “I think it’s a girl gerbil” another student announced. Several youngsters asked in unison if they could hold the gerbil.

The teacher put her fingers to her lips and uttered a loud “SHHHH”. “Boys and girls” she said, “our gerbil is sleeping, we don’t want to wake him up. Let’s put him on the science table where we can all look at him. Our job now is to learn how to take care of him. We will take turns.”

With that statement the teacher pulled the chart holder to the center of the circle. “Let’s see how we can take care of our new pet.”


Take Care of Our Gerbil

Name                                                Jobs

________                        Feeds the Gerbil

________                        Gives the Gerbil Water

________                        Cleans the Gerbil Cage


“Now who wants to ______” But the children weren’t listening; they were too busy looking at the gerbil.

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