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Prototype 1: Half-Day Kindergarten

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Spatial Relations

Movement exploration, bubble gum, bubble, other activities

Buried body, bottomless bottles, video viewing, the gate game, and other games

Where’s Spot?
Look Out He’s Behind You
Guinea Pigs Far and Near
Inside, Outside, Upside Down
Snake in Snake Out
Becca Backward, Becca Frontward
Big and Little
Big World, Small World
From Where You Are
Look at things from different perspectives
             Describe them
Label Classroom locations
Plan an obstacle course and map it. Tell directions for getting through it successfully
Dance the Hokey Pokey

Your Own Space

A Place For Ben
Evan’s Corner
Write a letter inviting a friend to visit your special place.
Measure your place.
Sophie’s Hideaway
Your Own Best Secret Place
Secret Places
Draw a picture of secret place.
Make a list of things to keep in your secret place
Write a poem about your secret place

Crowded Spaces

Mr. Gumpy’s Motor Car
Mr. Gumpy’s Outing
Mushroom in the Rain
Who Sank the Boat?
Trouble in the Ark
How many are in this Old Car?
It Could always be Worse
Sheep in a Jeep
Millions of Cats
Always Room for One More
The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe”
How many is too many? Count the characters in each story. Compare the numbers. Show the different sets on a graph. Which story had the most characters? The Least?
Make a mural of crowded stories.
Make a clay model
Act out one of the stories.
Find out which story our classmates like best
“I know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly”
Make up new verses to the song

Inside Spaces

Alfie Gets in First
The Cat in the Hat
I Unpacked my Grandmother’s Trunk
Play the unpacking game.
What’s inside the Box?
Hide something in a box. Have others guess what’s inside.
The Inside-Outside Book of New York City
The Inside-Outside Book of Washington, D.C.
The House From Morning to Night
Draw your house inside and out.
Play with a doll house.
Make a list of things you find inside and things you find outside.
The Wild Inside
A House is House for Me
Think up other houses for things.
Make a tent. Play inside.

Animals Inside

Snail in the Woods
The Snail’s Spell
Inside Turtle’s Shell
Turtle and Snail
Turtle Watch
Pretend you are an animal that lives inside something. Tell what it is like.
Why do some animals need protective shells
Make a hermit crab home in a glass aquarium.

Inside Living Things

A Book About Your Skeleton
The Skeleton Inside You
The Skeleton Book. An inside Look at Animals
Dinosaur Bones
A Cat’s Body
Invite a doctor or a vet to show you X-rays. Have a classmate trace your body on large brown paper. Draw what you think your X-ray would look like

Over, Under, and Through

On a water and sand table, play with pipe construction, observing water run through and come out.
Over, Under and Through and Other Spatial Concepts
Over, Under and All Around
Make an obstacle course.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Across the Stream
Over in the Meadow
“The Bear Went Over the Mountain”
Ten in a Bed
“Roll Over, Roll Over”
Sing the songs. Make up new verses.
Rosie’s Walk
Play hide and go seek. Tell whether you hid under, over, behind, or inside something.

It’s Dark Inside

A Dark Dark Tale
In a Dark Dark House
Make pictures of a big book.
Retell the story.  Use sound effects.
The Fat Cat
The Terrible Tiger
The Greedy Python
Play with nesting dolls.
Make a sock puppet. Have the puppet eat all the characters in the story.
What’s Hatching Out of That Egg?
Make a classroom incubator. Keep a calendar of observation

Up Above Spaces

Higher on the Door
How High is Up?

Up Goes the Skyscraper
Skyscraper Going Up
A Great Day for UP
Up and Up
Up, Up and Away
On Top
The Cross Country Cat
Pretend you are taking a balloon ride. Tell how the world looks from above.
Blown Sky High
The Emperor and The kite
The Dragon Kite
Make a kite and have a kite flying festival
The Turnaround Wind
Draw “turnaround” people.
The Cloud Book
Make a chart of different kinds of clouds
Imagine what shapes and creatures you see in the clouds. Make them in soft sculpture.
Sky Songs
Space Songs
Read other space poetry

Underneath Spaces

Chipmunk Song
The Hidden World: Life Under a Rock
How to Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the Earth
Pretend you are in a space ship or a submarine. Radio back on the surface and tell what you see or how you are feeling.
There’s an Alligator Under My Bed
What hides under your bed?
The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Build a bridge for the ogre. Tell the story from the ogres point of view.

Outside Spaces

Spot’s First Walk
Pretend to be Spot. Look behind, go through, and look under things.
The Park Book
In My Garden
My Backyard

Visit an outdoor place. Tell what you see. How is it different from indoors?
Outside Over There
Recreate the story in pantomime as the teacher reads aloud.

Outer Space

A Space Story
Interview an astronaut. Design a mission patch for your class.
Earth, Our Planet in Space
The Planets in our Solar System
Compare the number of laps it takes to reach each planet.
Make a solar system on your own football field.
Learn planet order chart.
Use vegetables and dried beans as models for planets.
What the Moon is Like
The Moon
Let’s Find Out About the Moon
Play “Moon Buggy.”
Journey into a Black Hole
Plan a space mission, make props, and blast off – tell about your trip when you return.
Dress up many layers of clothes. Why astronauts need so much protection? How does it feel to move?
Rockets and Satellites
Watch “The Secret City.” Build a classroom space lab.
Let’s Find Out About the Sun
Look Into the Night Sky
The Sky is Full of Stars
Make star viewers. List the steps it took.
The Legend of the Milky Way
Her Seven Brothers
Compare stores
Is There Life in Outer Space?
Space Case
Write a secret message from the alien to its spaceship

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