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Weekly Schedule for First Grade Classroom

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Time            Monday            Tuesday            Wednesday            Thursday            Friday

8:00            Teacher preparation time
8:25            Children arrive, put down chairs, get supplies, work on assignments or read a book.
9:00            Group time. Discuss ongoing projects, introduce new assignments, introduce new materials
                   or share completed work
9:20            Integrated work time. Children work on individual or group projects. Teacher meets with
                   small groups or has individual conferences
9:45            Recess
10:00          Book time. Read book or poem to class. Discuss or follow up with an activity.
10:20          Integrated work time. Continue with projects begun earlier or inspired by reading aloud.
10:50          Clean-up. Put away materials, supplies, projects, and assignments in storage  areas.
11:00          Sharing. Children share work with class or teacher shares information relevant to the unit.
11:15          Lunch and outdoor play
12:15          Art                      Music                  Library                        Art                  Music
12:55          Sustained Silent Reading (SSR)* (Teacher conferences with individual children.) Twice a
                   week children have Buddy Reading* with second graders.
1:35            Group time. Teacher reads aloud or focuses on special activity.
1:55            Recess
2:10            Integrated work time
2:45            Clean-up. Pass out papers. Evaluate the day.
3:00            Dismissal

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