The Need for Advocacy and Resources

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Children and parents dealing with the problems of FAS/FAE need strong advocates. Advocacy must come from both the parents and the professionals involved. Their different spheres of influence and different roles must combine to ensure that the needs of both parent and child are being met.

Despite the many problems of patients with FAS/FAE, these individuals have a great capacity for love and contribution to family and community. The challenge of caretakers and service providers alike is to help these children harness their potential and find their place in the world.


The previous article was compiled from the following sources. To see the full text of these articles, go to the links below.

                  Strategies for FAS Parents and Caregivers, Patricia Tanner Halverson, Ph.D.

Attached below is an excellent guides for parenting the FAS child.

                  Parenting children Affected by Fetal Alcohol syndrome – A Guide for Daily Living

Resources for FAS caregivers




Adoption and Foster Care of FAS Children

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