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Keeping Tabs on Kids

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With permission from Vicki Lansky author of “Practical Parenting Tips”

  • Don’t attach your child’s name to clothing in an obvious place, say some parents, since a lost child is apt to respond positively to anyone who knows his or her name – and some strangers are dangerous.
  • Get an expandable ID bracelet for your child which states name, address and phone number, and have him or her wear it ALWAYS.
  • Ink a design on a helium balloon and attach the balloon to your child’s wrist. Teach him or her to “pump” it if lost.
  • Buy two balloons – one for each hand – to keep a child from grabbing and handling things.
  • Dress a child who’s not in a cart in bright-colored clothing (a red hat will do!) to keep track of him or her.
  • Have a special family whistle or tune children can recognize and use to locate you if you get separated in a crowded place.
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