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What to do About Tantrums

Your child is a smart, normal child need attention, but also a good talking to...sheis not the boss of the family you are!

Toddlers cannot get enought of their own sense of power and if they do not get their way, they resort to hysterics and bouts of sulking, screaming, yelling and other successful habits that parents buy into!

Use the stairway in your house as a simple and close area to sit your child down and giver ther the chance to calm down. Do not yell or hit...just talk and look at the wall and not at your child's face!....Tell her you are in charge and you will sit on the stair with her as long as it takes to get her to get control.

The stairs are closed off and narrow and safe at the bottom and you are the boss remember?

Singing or talking to the wall or looking away are all successful parenting tools to end the tantrum quickly but don't give in even for a minute and do not leave her alone! All that happens in that scenario is that she gets up and has to be given attention, causing more of a scene!

Sit down until she takes a quieter breath or deep breath then compliment her for stopping the tantrum, get up, say no more and end it then and there!

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