Overweight Teen

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I am 13 and weigh 170 lbs. I need to lose weight. I miss the old me. How can I lose weight without you saying healthy diet and exercise? I am in a gym and only eat fruit and vegetables. What should I do?

You are very smart to understand you need to lose weight. I admire you for taking responsibility for your own problem situation. I have just two ideas and they will work, I promise.

First idea, every week, you make out the grocery list for your mom or dad and only write down foods that are in the outside aisles of the store. Think about the foods that are only on the perimeter aisles (sides, rear sections). You'll see why...

Second, make the amounts of food you eat fit on a smaller plate and eat as slowly as you can.

Oops I forgot third idea, double the amount of exercise and if you don't want to do twice as much each day, you'll have to make your portions smaller.

Your stomach should be no larger than an orange, once you get on an "outside aisle" diet your stomach should shrink. The South Beach diet is not for you. Don't go there.

Ask Dr. Susan