Observation Checklist: What to look for in Assessing Attachment

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Job and Family Services - Foster Family Training

The ABC’s of Positive Parenting for Foster Parents


Is the adolescent . . . ? Does the parent(s) . . . ?
Aware of his strong points? Set appropriate limits?
Aware of his weak points? Encourage appropriate autonomy?
Comfortable with his sexuality? Trust the adolescent?
Engaging in positive peer interactions? Show interest in and acceptance of adolescent’s friends?
Performing satisfactorily in school? Display interest in adolescent’s school performance?
Exhibiting signs of conscience development? Exhibit interest in adolescent’s outside activities?
Free from severe problems with the law? Have reasonable expectations of chores and/or responsibilities adolescent should assume?
Accepting and/or rejecting parents’ value system? Stand by the adolescent if he gets into trouble?
Keeping himself occupied in appropriate ways? Show affection?
Comfortable with reasonable limits or is he constantly involved in control issues? Think this child will “turn out” okay?
Developing interests outside the home?  










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