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My Teen Wants a Waterbed

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Dear Dr. Susan:

My teenager wants a waterbed.  Do you have any feelings on this?


Dear Miriam:

In the case of teenagers - waterbeds are generally a personal decision based on a spur-of-the-moment desire to have something different. They are not any more effective or influential in sleep patterns, but have costs and risk of damage matters that must be considered. My thought is that teens who earn their own money should be allowed to spend it on what they chose as long as they have a history of being responsible with money they have earned. The high cost assumed by a teen may be too high a price to pay for your son or daughter. Let the issue be the subject of a family meeting and see what the teenagers say about cost versus having a waterbed. Safety is always a concern. Ask a salesman to explain the risks carefully, if necessary. The conversation most likely won't get that far if the teen has to pay for his or her own waterbed

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