Characteristics Ages 7 and 8

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  • Controlled aggression is a positive response
  • Competitive
  • Friendly; still egocentric; worries about friends
  • Tricky, teases, wanders
  • Normal interest in absolutes: good and bad
  • Reads with inflection; likes to be read to
  • Counts; adds 1-2 digits; subtracts
  • Conserving amounts mentally
  • Plays games; forgets or makes up rules
  • Unisex play
  • Interested in current events
  • Family-centered; dependent on external “controls”
  • Boasts; brags; estimates own talents
  • Bilateral coordination: all extremities
  • Increasing strength
  • Tense handling of tools
  • Increasing interest in differences among classifications of objects
  • Asks about “others”
  • Social acceptance paramount
  • Articulates 45,000 words
  • Defines words
  • Starts to alphabetize
  • Starts to want to write cursively
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