About Age Seven

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Physical Development:

Growth slow and steady.
Annual expected growth: in height 2-3 inches; in weight 3-6 pounds.
Losing teeth; most have their six-year molars.
Better eye-hand coordination.
Better use of small muscles.
Eyes not yet ready for much close work.

Characteristic Behavior:

Sensitive to feelings and attitudes of other children and adults. Especially dependent on approval of adults.
Interest of boys and girls diverging. Less play together.
Full of energy, but easily tired, restless and fidgety, often dreamy and absorbed.
Little abstract thinking. Learns best in concrete terms and when he can be active while learning.
Cautious and self-critical, anxious to do things well.
Likes to use hands.
Talkative, prone to exaggerate, may fight verbally instead of physically; competitive.
Enjoys songs, rhythms, fairy tales, myths, nature stories, comics, television, and movies.
Able to assume some responsibility.
Concerned about right and wrong, but may take small things that are not his.
Rudimentary understanding of time and monetary values.

Special Needs:

The right combination of independence and encouraging support.
Chances for active participation in learning situations with concrete objects.
Adult help in adjusting to the rougher ways of the playground without becoming too crude or rough.
Warm, encouraging, friendly relationships with adults.
Acceptance at own level of development.

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