About Six

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Physical Development


Growth proceeding more slowly, a lengthening out.

Large muscles better developed than small ones.

Eleven to twelve hours of sleep needed.

Eyes not yet mature, tendency toward far-sightedness.

Permanent teeth beginning to appear

Heart in period of rapid growth

High activity level; can stay still only for short periods.


Characteristic Behavior


Eager to learn, exuberant, restless, overactive, easily fatigued

Self-assertive, aggressive, wants to be first, less cooperative that at five, keenly competitive, boastful

Whole body involved in whatever he does.

Learns best through active participation.

Inconsistent in level of maturity evidenced: regresses when tired, often less mature at home than with outsiders.

Inept at activities using small muscles

Relatively short periods of interest

Has difficulty making decisions

Group activities popular; boys’ and girls’ interests beginning to differ.

Much spontaneous dramatization


Special Needs:


Encouragement, ample praise, warmth, and great patience from adults

Ample opportunity for activity of many kinds, especially for use of large muscles

Wise supervision with minimum interference

Friends: bv end of period a best friend.

Concrete learning situations and active, direct participation

Some responsibilities, but without pressure and without being required to make complicated decisions or achieve rigidly set standards.

Help in developing acceptable manners and habits.

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