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Play Materials for Later Childhood

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Suggested List of Play Material for Later Childhood

Girls – ten to thirteen
Boys – Ten to Fourteen

  1. Physical Development and Skill - Tool Chest, Boxing Gloves,Baseball, Bats and Gloves, Bicycles, Tennis Outfit, 10 – Hi Games, Throwing Games,Tops, Indoor Golf, Punching Bag, Skates, Skis, Hockey Sticks
  2. Develop Creative Play - Airplane Construction Kit, Birdhouses to Construct, Picture Puzzles, Carpenter’s Bench,, Advanced Erector
  3. Develop Dramatic and Imitative Play - Puppets and Marionettes, Shadow Play Theater, Dolls and Material to Sew, Trains, Boats, Doll Houses, Character Costumes
  4. Social Development - Character Dolls, Dolls of All Nations, Card Games, Board Games, Shuffleboard Games
  5. Artistic Development - Modeling Clay, Weaving Looms, Doll Sewing Outfits, Kodaks, Soap Carving, Water-color Sets
  6. Educational Stimulation - Map Puzzles, Travel Games, etc., Addition Games, Globes, Typewriter, Anagrams, Printing Press
  7. Develop Scientific and Mechanical Interest - Electric Questioner, Boast and Boat Building Sets, Hike Meter, Microscope Sets, Tool Chest, Magnifying Glass, Telegraph Sets, Telephone Sets, Telephone Sets with Batteries, Lithograph Sets, Magic Sets, Sets to Construct Models, Electric Train Outfit
  8. A Vocational Interest Butterfly Collector’s Supplies - Boy and Girl Scout Equipment, Stamp Collections, Cameras, Coin Collections etc., Collector’s Books for Flowers, trees, Birds, etc.

Suggested List of Play Materials for Early Adolescence:
Girls – Thirteen to Sixteen
Boys – Fourteen to Seventeen

  1. Develop Physical Strength and Skill - Tennis Racquets, Archery Sets, Deck Tennis, Soccer, Horseshoes, Baseball Equipment, Badminton Sets, Football equipment, Target Games
  2. Creative Play - Jigsaw Puzzles, Workbench and Tools, Complicated Construction Sets, Architectural Sets
  3. Develop Dramatic and Imitative Play - Puppets and Marionettes, Marionette Theaters, Costumes, Camp Equipment, Scouting
  4. Artistic Development - Wood Carving Materials, Pastels Paint Sets, Equipment for Tooling Leather, Oil Paint Sets, Materials for Sculptures, Equipment for Metal Crafts
  5. Educational Stimulation - Microcraft Sets, Airplane Construction Sets, Chemistry Sets, Compass, Power Plant Models, Transformers, Electric Motors, Electroplating Sets, Field Glasses, Telescopes, Star Maps
  6. A Vocational Interest - Fishing Outfits, Golf Sets, Motion Picture Machines, Archeology Collections, Marionette Theater, Coin Collections, Radio Sets, Gardening Tools, Radio Construction Sets, Mineralogy Collections
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