Do Our Kids Have Nature-Deficit Disorder? The Gift We Need to Give

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Reprinted by Permission

ASCD Magazine


Educational Leadership



December 2009/January 2010 | Volume 67 | Number 4

Health and Learning Pages 24-30

Richard Louv


Evidence suggests that the broad movement to connect children to nature could send calmer, more curious, better-balanced children into the classroom. Getting outside is also a great stress reducer for teachers. Canadian researchers found that teachers expressed renewed enthusiasm for teaching when they had time outdoors (Dyment, 2005). In an era of increased teacher burnout, we should not underestimate the effect of green schools and outdoor education on teachers. Thinking about that photo of the little boy on the beach, I wonder: How many other little Ansels and Anselettes are out there now? And what gifts could they offer future generations—if we give them the gift of nature

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