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Enjoy learning PART II

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How to help your child enjoy learning


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by Carole Richards

We discussed the need to make learning engaging and fun for your child.  Now, here are five ideas that we use regularly that may help you get started:

  1. create age-appropriate projects that use the skill your child needs to learn.  For example, ask your child to plan a trip to a U.S. city, state, or a foreign country.  Help your child think through all the details every step of the trip: starting date, return date, maps, transportation modes, travel time, overnight accommodations, meals, destination geography, points of interest, and sight seeing arrangements.  Finally your child will calculate all the expenses and total the cost of the entire trip.  When finished, throw out a minor change – how much will it cost if 2 people take the trip?
  2. simple contests are good if there are fun.  Example: using a current vocabulary word, see how many different words your child can make from the word by rearranging the letters.  For younger children, limit the word to 4 or 5 letters which limits the number of possible words.
  3. plan a meal for 6 weeks (or more) on a fixed budget.  Your child will shop for food and prepare the meal with your supervision (or without).  This is hands-on learning: money management, healthy foods, measuring skills, reading, and cooking.
  4. affordable classes at Lakeland Community College/College for Kids from magic to cooking, basic math and basic reading skills, music, art, and science.  You and your child should be able to find interesting classes all year long.  Online contact:
  5. here’s a book of really cool science experiments and projects you can do at home.  You know what will interest your child the most, so you help decide which to use.  This book may be available at the library or purchase it online or at any bookstore: “365 Simple Science Experiments with Everyday Materials.” ($5.00 paperback at


Yes, there are many other ways to make learning interesting and fun.  If these ideas help you, I would love to hear about your success.  Please email your success story to me at, we may post it on our web site.  Kids think differently than we do, so try to think like a kid.




Carole Richards is president of North Coast Tutoring Services, president of the Academic Fun & Fitness Camp at Lakeland Community College a unit of the Creative Education Institute, author of RICHARDS READ Systematic Language and a frequent guest on radio and TV.  She can be reached at





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