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Enjoy learning PART I

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Is your child engaged?  Does your child enjoy learning?


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by Carole Richards


Each one of has our own memories about our school experiences.  Some of us enjoyed it thoroughly, others only attended because they were “forced” to do it.  But, there are many of us who enjoyed some grades or some courses, and were sort of neutral about much of it.  To me, a lot of my education was boring.  Much of it did not stimulate my imagination, excite my curiosity, or seem to lead to usable information.  Although an interesting question, today let’s not go into the purpose of public school, college, or advanced degrees.


Our world has changed tremendously since I was in school.  With all the technology advances including small computers, smart phones, E pads, and Kindles, it’s no wonder children get “hooked” on emails, tweets, and text messages.  To gain an edge with your child, you must learn to compete with or take advantage of modern technology and communications.


This is about that part of education that hasn’t changed.  If parents and/or teachers make the classroom activities and homework fascinating, learning is much easier for you and your child.  That sounds like a simple concept, but how can that work in a classroom or, more important, with your child?


There are many ways to make learning interesting.  My purpose today is to help you start thinking about how to make it interesting.  Next month I’ll give you 5 specific ideas that are fun for you and your child.  If you already have some success with creative ideas, I would love to hear about them.  You can email your story to me, some of them will be posted on our web site.  Kids think differently than we do, so try to think like a kid.



Carole Richards is president of North Coast Tutoring Services, president of the Academic Fun & Fitness Camp at Lakeland Community College a unit of the Creative Education Institute, author of RICHARDS READ Systematic Language and a frequent guest on radio and TV.  She can be reached at

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