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How Babies Play Safely

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 “Babies and toddlers are born ready to move, communicate and learn!"   Here are activities that your child can safely enjoy:  it is vital to play on clean floors and mats in order to develop the body and the brain.   Floor games with older babies, young toddlers require an adult to participate.  This interaction develops social competence and early language babbling and sounds.                 

How Babies entertain themselves.” Babies need bright, noisy, soft and hard toys.  Offer dolls and soft animals, objects that move, toy cars and trucks, large toys and balls for the youngest ones and pretend food objects, housekeeping brooms and mops, mirrors, books,  building materials, and bright shiny objects for older toddlers!              

How older babies work bodies/ brains safely Babies and old toddlers repeat pleasurable actions and cry if the actions are not stimulating or if they are over stimulating. They regulate themselves.  Babies are born able to do stretches, rotate their torso, activate and quiet nerves and muscles and organize large motor abilities, using eyes, ears, skin and the sensation of touch.  Older babies thrive on kicking, rolling, scooting, waiving, hiding, searching, stretching, pulling, pushing and more!

Parents and teachers should sit on the floor or a low chair so the child can take in the ups and down sensations of change from high to low, side-to-side-and-out and in, then they remove themselves, talking while they leave, keeping the connection between rooms or spaces.

Toddlers are self-discoverers!They use hearing, seeing and touching to organize visual skills, hand and leg actions, body awareness, mobility, balance, manipulation of  fingers and toes, and follow anything that moves! 

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