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A Good Action Song to Play With Infants

This the way the baby does,

This is the way the baby does,
Peek-a-Boo, I see you;
This is the way the baby does,

This is the way the baby does,

Sailing boat, sailing boat,
Go so slow,
Sailing boat, sailing boat,
Go so fast.

A Good Song for Making Different Sounds and Motions with Your Baby

Here is a ball for baby, big, soft, and round.
Here is a bay’s hammer; oh, how he can pound.
Here is a baby’s music, clapping, clapping so.
Here are the baby’s soldiers, standing in a row

Here is the baby’s trumpet, too-too, too-too, too-too
Here is the way the baby plays at peek-a-boo.
Here is the big umbrella to keep the baby dry.
Here is the baby’s cradle, rock a baby bye.

Counting Rhymes

Two little dickie birds sitting on the hill,

(hands out, forefingers out)
One named Jack and the other named Jill.
fly away, Jack. Fly away, Jill.

(pull hands back, fingers out)
come back, Jack. Come back, Jill.
(hands out, forefingers out as beginning)

Our little baby has ten toes,
two little ears and one little nose.
One little hand reaches out so wide,

One little hand is down by my side.

I bring my hands together to clap, clap, clap.

One and one are two hands, now resting in my lap.

Old shoes, new shoes, Little good, two shoes.

How to Make a Strip Story Book for preschoolers and Kindergartners


Large spiral notebook (can be a used one)
Large and colorful pictures, approximately the same size as the notebook
Non-toxic glue


1.     Cut the first page into three equal strips, from edge to spiral binging.

2.     Glue a full page picture on the second page.

3.     Cut the third page, fifth page, seventh page, etc. into three equal strips as in step one.

4.     Paste a full size picture on each uncut page (the forth page, sixth page, etc.)

5.     Continue adding new pictures as you find them as you did above.

6.     Show the child the book by turning each strip to show more and more of the picture.

How to Make Nesting Cans for Toddlers 12-14 Months


Empty cans that nest inside of each other
contact paper or paint (non-toxic)


1.     Collect cans until you have four or five sizes that will fit neatly into each other.

2.     Be sure that there are no sharp rims or edges that might cut fingers.

3.     Cover the cans with contact paper, or paint them in attractive colors.

Two Fingerplays that Babies and Toddlers Love

1.     Head knocker, eye winker,
Nose blower, Kiss thrower,
Chin chopper chin
Two little eyes that open and close,
Two little ears and one little nose,

Two little cheeks and one little chin,

Two little lips with the teeth closed in.


 The sun comes out and shines so bright,
(hands over head, arms shaped in circle)
And then we have a shower,
(Hands over head, fingers wiggling)
The little bud pushes with all its might,
(push fist into other hand)
And soon we have a flower
(open both hands up and out in tulip shape)

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