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Group Songs and Games for Toddlers

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Friends, Friends, Friends
Good Morning
Touch Your Toes Everybody
Comin’ Round Circle with a Smile

(finger plays)

Everybody Touch Your Head
Put Your Fingers in the Air
Head, Shoulders
Open Shut Them
Shake Your Hands Up, Down, Around
Twinkle, Twinkle


Wheels on the Bus
Bumble Bee Buzz
jack is Hiding
peek-a-boo You Do It Too

Floor Exercises:

Vowel Sounds
Head Rotations
row, Row
Bicycle – supine’s
Swimming – prone
peter, peter – kneeling
Alleycat Rock & Roll


This is a Song About Colors
Miss Polly
Wheels on the Bus
Whine, Whine
Hush Little baby


Peter, Peter


Here We Go Jumping, Turning, Turning
Hokey Pokey
Elephants Walk Very Slowly
Peter, Peter Penguin


Ring Around the Rosie
Bluebird, Bluebird
Goodbye Friends
This is the Way to Play With Me


Social Games

Body parts game

Hide and Seek

Body swaying and holding on

Scavenger hunt

Pasing Games

Magic Circle

Pop Goes the Weasel

Magic ox

Twister/nusical chairs


Pass the Secret

Open, Shut Them

Pease, Porridge Hot

Jack-in-the Box

Occupation Charades

Bees in a Hive

Let’s Go on a Bear hunt

People on the Bus

Miss Polly had a Dolly



Manipulative Games

Slot box


Tacking cans

Picking up

Rings on Fingers

Open, Shut Them


Egg carton sorting


Perceptual Games

Eye tracking

Hidden objects in a bag/box

Peek-a-boo – people, objects

Pots and pans

Sorting – bracelets, rings, clothespins, sticks, brushes

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