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Infant-Toddler Activities for Home and School

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Area of Development



·      Talk-Tell the child what you are going to do before you do it.

·      Touch-Rub shoulders, face, palms, wrist, etc. As you begin to get her/him to move

·      Forward movement-Flashlight walking (2) one in each hand

·      Wall walking

·      Corner standing

·      Deep knee bends

·      Big circles in air, against wall to music

·      Leg/arm extensions

·      Parallel movements

·      Hand on shoulders

·      Hands on waist

·      Hands on hands-mirroring


Movement Activities

·      Narrow walking between wall and beds

·      Obstacle courses made out of furniture, broom sticks, tires, etc.

·      Mountain climbing

·      Step ladder

·      Ladder walking-horizontal, vertical-2steps up, 1 back

·      Twister mat on floor-taped tow all, footprints on floor

·      Backward walking

·      Walking with broom stick (do not hold higher than shoulders).

·      Draw pictures on back


Fine Motor Skills

·      Making faces

·      Egg box toss at penny

·      “Catcho”

·      Crumbling paper, foil

·      Towel tube balance

·      Chalk in 2 hands at once-bilateral motion


Summary-Goals for Mobility, movement, and fine motor skills


Correct positioning-Sitting, standing, feet on floor, head in midline (more normal look)
Temperament and personality observations and analysis

Oral stimulation
Movement therapy-Bilateral, cross pattern, reciprocal movement
Auditory and tactile paired response teaching
Visual training

Representational thinking about objects


            Shaky reach

            Pronated grasp

            Hand to mouth reach

            Hand transfer-groping, clawing

            Radial palmar grasp

            Oppositional grasp

            Pincer grasp-corraling


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