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6 Skills Children Need to Become Readers

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Print motivation – Ask your children’s librarian for suggestions on books to share with your little one. Point to objects, talk about what you see as you read aloud. Register for a baby story time at your local library.

Print Awareness – Help your baby connect the printed word to books and stories. Read to your baby often. Model how a book is held, how the pages move from left to right – and how much joy can be found in sharing a good book.

Vocabulary – During feeding, changing, or any other time, talk and sing to your little one. Introduce unusual words or animals as you share books. Help your baby’s word knowledge grow.

Narrative Skills – From listening to you read or talk about the things around you, babies grow into toddlers who understand stories. When they begin talking in sentences, start asking them questions about books you share. At nineteen months, register for a toddler story time at your local library.

Letter Knowledge

As your child starts to notice words and symbols, point out the letters of the alphabet. Help her learn to recognize her nametag at story time. Point out letter and words as you shop, drive, cook, and read. Register your three-year-old for a preschool story time at your local library.

Phonological Sensitivity

Sing songs, recite nursery rhymes, read poems, and make up silly rhyming words. These all help your child identify sounds which make up words – a big step on the way to becoming a reader.

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