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Infant Communication

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How babies and infants communicate before they have spoken language:  

  Babies are not new to themselves but new to their parents……. what a surprise! 

In Russia, I have spent lots of time teaching parents how to play with their infants and

convince moms and dads that babies really do think in the early weeks and months

after they start to look and listen!  Parents should always try to make sounds, lift their

babies, up and down, over and under, and in all types of directions! 

Are you a happy parent?  Be happy by involving your very young children with lots of

sounds and noises that draw attention and by making noises bad sounds …..Always

make the day and night time a busy time!  Start with lots of eye contact and listening skills! 

Help babies learn! 

Sensory motor exercises are so much fun and part of daily life for babies’, moms and

dads…. before work and after work or anytime you can sneak in a few minutes!  Parents

might have to have grandparents help part of the day….especially papas who like to

play and make a game out of household chores! 

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