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Speech and Language Development of 18 to 24 Month Olds

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  • Speaks 50 to 300 different words; names almost everything in familiar surroundings.
  • Follows directions about placing one item in or on another: "Put the sweater on the bed!" "... in the drawer."
  • Refers to own self as "me" or sometimes "I" rather than by name: "Me go bye-bye", not "Baby go bye-bye."
  • Uses some plurals.
  • Asks "What's that?" and "Why?" repeatedly.
  • Enjoys stories about self and family.
  • Names familiar objects while leafing through a book.
  • Speech as much as 65% intelligible.
  • Understands most simple directions and questions, especially when accompanied by gestures.
  • Uses the words "please" and "thank you" if this is a part of family practice.
  • Sings along with familiar tunes.
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