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Speech and Language Development of 12 to 18 Month Olds

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  • Produces considerable "jargon"; words and sounds put together into speech-like (inflected) patterns.
  • "Holophrastic" speech: one word conveys an entire thought; meanings depend upon the inflection.
  • Follows simple directions: "Give daddy the cup."
  • When asked, will point to familiar persons, animals, and toys.
  • Identifies three body parts if someone names them: "Show me your nose." "...your toe.""...your ear."
  • Produces some two word phrases: "more cookie," "Daddy bye-bye."
  • Indicates a few desired objects and activities by name: "Bye-bye," "cookie"; verbal request is often accompanied by an insistent gesture.
  • Responds to simple questions with "yes" or "no" and appropriated head movements.
  • Speech is 25% intelligible.
  • Locates familiar objects on request (if objects are in locations the child knows about).
  • Uses 5 to 50 words; typically these are words that refer to animals, food and toys.
  • Hands mechanical toy to adult as a "request" to have it wound.
  • Hands objects to others as a way of initiating social interaction.
  • Enjoys rhymes and tries to join in.
  • Seems aware of the reciprocal (back and forth) aspects of conversational exchanges; some turn-taking in other kinds of vocal exchanges such as making and imitating sounds.
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